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Mar 26

Georgia’s Health Information Technology Industry: Making A Difference Everyday

by Wayne W. Oliver, Executive Director, Patients for Fair Compensation        Originally published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on March 2014 A couple of weeks ago, a group of health information technology leaders from around the state came to Atlanta to celebrate “Georgia Health Information Technology and High Tech Day at the Capitol.” Georgia State Senator Brandon …

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May 11

Achieving Personalized Healthcare from Big Data Analytics

by Wayne W. Oliver,  Executive Director, Patients for Fair Compensation Originally published in Atlanta Journal Constitution, May 10, 2013 For years now, we have held on to the hope that health information technology (health IT) solutions would translate into better health outcomes. We have indeed seen signs that physicians and hospitals which deploy health IT …

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Dec 05

Breaking Down Healthcare Silos: The Need of Healthcare Integration

The American healthcare system … isn’t.   It isn’t a “system.” Patients have multiple providers. These providers rarely interact. The payment system operates in silos. And patient care isn’t coordinated. This disjointed system is not a new challenge. In 1965, the federal government created Medicare, a program which provides coverage for certain services. Medicare Part A …

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Jun 06

Health Reform Regardless of Supreme Court’s Decision

by Wayne Oliver – Healthcare Consultant Originally published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on June 6, 2012 Legal experts and political pundits are filling the airwaves and newsprint with their thoughts on what will happen to federal health reform (ObamaCare) when the US Supreme Court rules later this month (NFIB v Sebelius). What will happen …

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May 23

Creating 21st Century Solutions in Healthcare

by Wayne W. Oliver, Vice President, Center for Health Transformation Originally published by the Atlanta Journal Constitution on November 4, 2011 At the Center for Health Transformation, we are working hard to create a 21st Century Intelligent Health System that can save lives and saves money for all Americans. However, it seems like every time …

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May 22

Metrics: Creating a New Model in Healthcare

by Wayne W. Oliver, Vice President, Center for Health Transformation Originally published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on March 7, 2012 Whether it is a patient centered medical home (PCMH) or an accountable care organization (ACO), we have all seen or read accounts on how we should change health and healthcare in the United States. And, …

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